Round-and-Round we go!

Updated: Jan 23, 2018

about the Jurci Travel logo

At the site of Jurci Travel we share our travel experiences. Starting with the trip Lima-to-Antarctica. In the old Saudi Arabia days, we designed trip merchandise for big trips. We still fondly wear our sweaters and caps from the 4WD Desert Driving club - the Riyadh Rovers.

For our trip we will get to some trip merchandise as well. However, first things first!

We need a logo for the Jurci Travel site.


That's an easy one. We are both Dutch. So Orange it is!


Twenty years back we started our travelling life - enjoying, adventurous with common sense. Driving in circle is our aim:

  • Completing the circle means reaching the goal: returning safe and healthy back home

  • Circle driving maximizes the variety: as it means you don't cover the same road twice in the trip.

  • Wheels are round (Duh)

  • And testing the turning circle of your car, especially in sand dunes, sea water or mud - it's just good fun!

Designers work with mood boards. We did too, and share ours:

Happily presenting:

The Jurci Travel logo!

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