Quality Time - Yathzee

Quality time is about just relaxing. No chess or complicated brain games. This also as Cissy likes to have a shot at winning a game... So every holiday we take our dices, bought at our holiday in Cuba, 28 October 2000. Before you think, well, with a scarcely good date memory, you could opt for brain games: The dices are in a wooden box, where we had the date and place engraved at.

Yathzee family competition

Some key statisics of the Family-Yathzee competition with players Jurgen, Alex, Graciela and Cissy:

The highest Score

428 points, by Cissy. Twice a Yathzee did the trick.

YaY!!! I beat Jurgen by just one point, as the second highest score was 427. Ha!

The lowest Score

134 points only, by Jurgen. Missing Full House, Carre, Small Street and Big Street completely is the way to go to win 'The Lowest Score'!


1. Jurgen with Seven games won

1. Alex with Seven games won.

... Hey... that is the same number of wins than Jurgen. Once could say seniority is the leading principle. Or the ranking of the first name in the alphabet. However, more in spirit of the game: who had the highest score at a win?

Sorry Alex, that was Jurgen with 427 points. You were 100 points sort to take the real first position.

3. Cissy with 2 games won

4. Graciela with only 1 game won

To be continued at the Bartelink weekend end August 2018! In the mean time, Jurgen and Cissy will be fine tuning their Yathzee strategies and practicing their dice throwing skills. Plenty of time to do so!

Note - Jurgen is noting down the scores with the ball pen of Alianza del Pacifico. Cissy thought it might decoy him to think about work. Or at least be an flexible administrator for the scores, looking for Aliances. Like, Jurci against GrAl. Ci tought that was a handy strategy, when she was losing and Jurgen clearly winning. Forget about it. He is on holiday, no aliances, no diplomatic maneuvers .... he is just keen about winning!

Suddenly he is Respecting the Rules Strictly, using continuous lines to separate the players scores.