Work visit to El Alto, Bolivia

Updated: Feb 3, 2018

by Jurgen

The metropolitan area of the city known as La Paz, is formed by the Municipality of El Alto and the Municipality of La Paz.

The Mayor of El Alto, Mrs. Chapetón, has a strong strategic vision to improve her municipality. One of the focus points for El Alto is improving sustainability - a field of expertise of the Netherlands.

Focus on Sustainability

In that context, Mayor Mrs. Chapetón, participated in the delegation of Latin American Mayors to the Netherlands in April 2017.

Focus of the program was to learn about the Dutch approach to enhance the sustainability of cities.

During this program, there were good perspectives for fruitful cooperation. As regional economic envoy, i promised the 13 Mayors of this delegation to visit them for an individual follow up.

Together with my colleague Ricardo Galindo, I visited the Mayor of El Alto, Mrs. Chapetón today.

We had a constructive meeting in which matters of mutual interest were discussed, and we look forward to future knowledge exchange.

On a personal note

My first visit to La Paz was in 1993 and in the period till 1998 I visited La Paz multiple times. Twenty years later, being back, it's remarkable how the city has evolved in so many ways. The last years the connections between the different parts of the city have been greatly improved.

It's impressive to 'float' from El Alto to the center of La Paz to Zona Sur in hypermodern, electric, full environment friendly Teleférico lines. The yellow line, connecting El Alto to La Paz, even recently won a Guinness Book of Records award- with 30 kilometers being the longest Cable Car line of the World! ... see the cable car clip

About El Alto:

  • The Municipality El Alto is located at the high altitude of 4.150 meters (13,615 ft) above sea level

  • The international airport is located in El Alto

  • El Alto is the second largest city in Bolivia

  • Mrs. Chapetón is the first female mayor of the municipality El Alto in May 2015

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