Pre-Dakar: Back in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

track: Riyadh


April 2007 - the very first image we took of Riyadh. The view looking outside of our hotel, down town the city center.

Mixture of styles - and every where mosque minarets to be spotted.


December 2019 - the very first image of this trip. Driving through town, we enjoy the familiar sights

Hoeray for the immaculate cleaned car of Phil - reflecting the city shapes in the hood.

Sorry Phil - on our road trip with you... it will get messy. But we promise to bring return your car posh shining again!

Highlights of the day

  • Being back in Riyadh!!!!!

  • Re-united with the dear family of Maha- la Mama's are looking great!

  • Spa Julia: for a 3,5 years old, she did a great job with the Dior Pink Nailpolish

  • So many new beautiful architecture to admire in Riyadh 


Fun Facts

Not a fact, but yes, funny: Saudi traffic. 
You want to turn left? 
From the 3 lanes you stand on the far right
When the light hits green
Don't mind the cars of the other two lanes
You have to go left, so you just cut them off - LOL