Pre-Dakar: Rediscovering the Diplomatic   Quarter and important trip checks

track: Riyadh- Diplomatic Quarter and Diriyah

Happy day today, meeting with Maria Mexico, like it was just yesterday we met last. Hugely surprised to feel the new vibrant vibe at the Diplomatic Quarters.

While travelling, one always bumps into wanderlust Dutchies. Well, that applies to the Peruvians as well - my various worlds coming together at the DQ.

T-minus-one: packing the Pajero and performing to critical tests before we hit the road. Not entirely damage free, but hey, that is why preparations tests are important...

Highlights of the day

  • To say the Diplomatic Quarter has changed, that's surely an understatement. OUD square is not the Hip & Happening place to be in Riyadh
    Well, that is, if there is not a huge concert going on at the premises of Diriyah!

  • With the Dutch ambassador to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Jurgen discussed 'matters of mutual interests and latest regional developments' - the standard frase used for communicating about diplomatic encounters in Arab countries.
    Sure there where many developments - like there are now honorary consultats, one in Damman and one in Jeddah.

Essential trip checks

We were very efficient in packing the car for the Dakar road trip. Jurgen managed to perform two important tests in one run:
1. Is the knife of the Leatherman still sharp​?
2. Are we QUICK in finding the First Aid kit? 
(Thanks Phil for pointing this one out at the 1.00 am car handover)




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