Pre-Dakar: The last day of 2019

track: Riyadh 

Last day of 2019... with tonight's sure win of the 30 million lottery:
Let's go to our favorite outdoor store.

Oh!  We looooove the new additions to the camping products at Al Sanidi.


Exactly what we missed in our off-road set:An iron powered by the car's battery...

Right, one has to look sharp in the desert!

Are you not that technical? No worries, there is also a 12volt-car charger variation of the desert Al Sanidi iron.

Fun Facts

  • Lost in the Kingdom compound... Twitter Avenue? Right, also the compound has restyled itself to modern days​

  • The famous OUD burner (which wood-scent you are offered when entering as guest) has made some innovations as well. Why mess around with firing up charcoal when you can flip a switch?

Highlights of the day

  • Pocari hunt at Tamimi... failed, but we've got our 7-spices mix!

  • Al Sanidi - Outdoor camping/off road gear store: Ladies start to drive? Let's add a lila-purple camping bags to our collection

  • Being a counch potatoes the last hours of 2019.  A home delivered meal, pyamas and binge watching three crappy movies: exactly what I needed to start 2020 a bit recharged. #sometimesboringisgood

  • "It's just a black cloth" - male perspective on buying an abaya. For me - sweet trip on Memory Lane at  the Kuwaiti Souq, where I bought my first abaya.
    Oh, and now, so many options. Black? Or should I go for a colored one?
    Well, it should match my blue nail polish... (which Julia will do tonight I hope)

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