Pre-Dakar: Welcome 2020!!!   -  Indulge, you deserve it!

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Indulge! You deserve it....

​Seriously? At the corner of the Mutawa's (religious police) is now a terrace. Where ladies sit outside in the open, eat and drink.


Without need to cover their hair. And you don't have to wear a black abaya any more.


Unthinkable back in the 2007 days. Positive culture shock! 

Highlights of the day


  • Witnessing the changes in the lives of females in Saudi. I know, it's not all roses, but progressive steps have been made. 

  • The H1 still rocks; no Jurgen, it won't fit in our flight luggage allowance

  • Discovering 'Monte d'Or'- yummiest melted cheese since Las Bolenas @ Peru

Fun Facts

  • New Years Resolutions? Eurrrrrr, impossible to keep when you discover Urth Cafe - with organic bakeries! 

  • So - back to 'Indulge, you deserve it' from Cinnabon's slogan, which has been a valuable credo since 2007...

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