Puerto Varas

31: Puerto Varas 


Day in key statistics

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Highlights of the day

  • Geniet maar lekker van je biertje. Euh? The waitress speaks fluent Dutch?! “Enjoy your beer!”. She lived 23 years in Holland, so we had a nice chat about Holland, the hardship missing family and food (of course!)

Fun Facts 

We had a nice talk with Pedro, one of the support staff of the hotel, at the parking. Chileans talk FAST, so in five minute we were up to date with his family situation, were we should eat, were we should not eat. That we should Not go hiking at the vulcanos by ourselves. That a Dutch youngster, Maarten Visser tragecily %%verongelukt## was, and that he loved the car. At the end he shyly admitted ‘I actually took a photo of your car yesterday’. Wow – La Panda is upgraded to Photo Model Status now!

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