8 - Enjoying Rainy Day, lunch at Ali Pachi in the historic center and re-routing time!

Track: Sleep inn, lunch at the historic center and lounging in hotel

True gem in the Bolivian culinary scene - Ali Pachi in the historic center of La Paz. Facing the fact we will have to leave La Paz, we got updated about some severe floodings on our planned route. So back to Google Earth, to get some re-routing done.


Day in key statistics​​​


  • Zero  - views on the Illumani. It was a stunning, but fully clouded rainy day

  • One -  more night in La Paz, tomorrow we drive off to Cochabamba

  • Two  - chocolate bonbons on the bed; the daily courtesy gift of Stannum Hotel

  • Three - severe floodings on planned route to Salta, Argentina. So we planned the re-routing today. Which will take us also through stunning landscapes

  • Four - layers of clothing to keep us dry and warm-ish. Hm... wonder how we will survive Antarctica if we need now already four layers ... oh well, we cross that bridge when we get there.

  • Five -  courses at the splendid Bolivian restaurant Ali Pachi

Highlights of the day

  • Pure culinary enjoyment at lunch again - starring Bolivian haute cuisine by Ali Pachi restaurant  (thanks Gabriela for the tip)

  • The kindness of Chef Antonio, for the permission to photograph and the fun in teaming up in the doorway. To get the best light to photograph your stunning dishes!

Fun Fact

  • Grabbing a taxi does not only involve negotiating the price.  It is also a part of the deal to check if he has change from 20 Bolivianos (= 2,32 euro/$2.05) when you agreed to pay 12 Bolivianos to the historic centre.

    So we started a new hobby – collecting coins to have small change handy.

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