Salar de Uyuni - salt, water and thunder

13: Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia


Day in key statistics

  • 1rst day - of the feared travelers belly. It was not to bad, just to be sure to be in reasonable range of sanitary.

  • therefore ... less than  1  km - in motion, no driving, just minimum of walking

Highlights of the day

  • Early morning: Getting the First Aid bag from the car at 7.36, first peaks on the wonderful mirror of a wet Salar de Uyuni.

  • Throughout the day: Feeling only 'so-so', it's very comforting to stay at a cozy hotel room and hotel with all facilities- firewood heated public seating areas we really appreciated, as change of 'scenery' from our hotel room.

  • Spectacular ending of the day: A literal highlight of the day this time. Highlights- as we saw again so many thunder lights illuminating the sky above Salar de Uyuni.

Fun Facts 

  • There was a strike in Uyuni, blocking the major roads. The protest against the municipality was amongst others to get better drainage systems in place.

  • Due to the blocked roads, at 7.30 am we got a What's App, 9.00 am departure will not be possible. Maybe around 11 am.... Oh well, let's reschedule for tomorrow

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