How to survive a road trip without Cola Zero



This is gonna be interesting - how to snack and drink only healthy stuff while on an extended road trip. 

Snacking was never a problem before - while the cars get filled up, i would jump out to enjoy the Snack Shopping at the Petrol Station.

Few Cola Zero's, cold, something salty - chips and corn chips, something sweet: M&M, Mars, Twix, Sublime White Chocolate for the Sublime driver. And of course, one has to buy a Jet Vanilla Ice-cream; it's a holiday, right?!

However in 2018 is the year to commit to a Healthy lifestyle.... also meaning:


No More Soda Drinks...


So Let's tackle the 'drinking problem' firstly: bearing in mind the objective- a minimum of 2 liter fluid intake on a daily basis!



Tweaks for tasty drinks

Just came to the shocking realisation: 80% of the drinks in petrol stations are... soda's. Guess what, in the very end of 2017 I finally ditched my Cola Zero addiction... And i reckon it's not wise to replace it with a new one like Red Bull's or other sugary drinks. With coffee and tea causing my stomach into an unwanted Party mode - those are no go to drinks too. Hmmm... so TWEAK-Time, as there is only so much plain water one can bear to drink.

My favorite tweak - so easy!

Peel a bit of ginger and throw some small pieces into a water bottle. Ginger holds for an incredible long time, so easy to take on the road. And it gives a nice kicking twist to the water.

Fruity tweak
Go to the overlooked corner - sometimes even at Petrol stations they actually do... sell... fruits (I came to realize...).  Eat half the apple or orange, replacing the Hey It's Holiday Ice-cream!

The other half - cut it in small chunks and put it into some personal sized bottles. There you go - let it sit a bit, and there is your fruit flavored water!

No fruit at the Petrol station? Pull over at one of the many fruit vendors that are always around on Latin-American roads.  As long as it's fruits that one can peel- it's stomach-sickness safe too! Or - especially in remote areas: Stock up, most fruits can survive 2 or 3 days easily.

Chill instead of Ice-cream
We have the luxury of a mini fridge in our car - and oh, how easy it was to grab a lovely ice cold cola!  Luckily, on a warm summer day - just plain properly chilled water is a treat too. How to go about that later in the trip at chilly destinations, oh, well, we cross that bridge when we get there. The fridge keeps the water on a nice icy chill. I know, it's not the same as an ice-cream... however .... it's enjoyable too!


Eat your drinks!
It's not always necessary to drink to get your fluids in. Some fluid-rich fruits are sold along the road - like water melon and oranges. However, while driving, even in the passenger seat - peeling or cutting fruits to eat is just not practical. 

At lunches - soups are heated, so safe & good for fluid intake. Other option - ask the restaurant chef to boil the water in your bottle, put in a drop of honey and enjoy.


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