Sitting on the dock of the bay -
watching Jur washing the dirt of the Panda away...

36: Puerto Guadal, Chile 

All day it was heavily clouded and almost constant rain pouring down.



1. Even during a holiday, one has 'errands' to do. Like cleaning the car and do some hand-wash laundry. 

2. Errands don't take all day, and nothing much to do with this rain. So there was plenty of time for ... "I'm sittin' on the dock of the bay, Wastin' time"*.

* Otis Redding - enjoy on YouTube 

Day in key statistics

  • One cleaned and fueled up car - ready for an intensive driving day tomorrow

  • 2x mini Ketch-up + 2x mini Mayo  + 1 big can of Palmitos hearts = brilliant evening dinner (due to the rain, the ants were on gastronomic ingredient strike: nowhere to be seen)

Highlights of the day

  • Figuring out the best strategy to keep the fire burning inside our Pirate boat.
    No, Jurgen, you are NOT gonna use some of the petrol we have in the jerrycan in the car. That is for emergency situations. Like when we run out of fuel on the road. It's not for the wood stove in our boat.

  • Yathzee competition and basically, hanging around burning internet MB's to update JurciTravel and planning our next routes on Google Earth.

  • Laaaaaaaaaaaaazy, cosy and warm! One gets revived from this like this.

  • At the end of the afternoon - a Surprise! It Cleared! The beautiful mountains are still there to be admired!

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