The sky falls - pouring down cats and dogs?!

Track: Salta City, on foot 

The sky came falling down on us today in Salta. Or was it raining cats and dogs? 
Nevertheless, we won't melt from a bit of rain, so off to the handicraft 
market we were.


Like magpies, Graciela and I were drawn to the stands with the silver handcrafted jewellery. Time enough for us to have a good look around.


Because we smartly installed 'the men'  on a terrace,  where they were utterly content with their beer and yathzee game. Who won? Well, Jurgens new career was the big winner of today: switching to Tattoo artist. Or maybe better not?

​​​​Day in key statistics


  • Double portion - of the delicious 'Escabeche de Porotos' = Olive oil beans. As it was really good!

  • Two felt hats - one black as a present for my cousin, one wine-red for me.

  • Unaccountable number of Rain Drops pouring down!

​​​​Fun Fact

International sayings to describe heavy rain:

Argentina:  "Se cae el cielo" ; the sky falls down. That's a bit dramatic, but makes more sense than the Dutch expression: "Het regent pijpestelen"; It's raining pipestems.

In the UK it is "raining cats and dogs". Euh? Interesting? Wanna know where that expression comes from? Check 

Anyways the rain was throwing enough chair legs (Greek expression) to us, that we decided to take a taxi back home to the hotel.

Highlights of the day


  • Artesania Market - the art and handicraft market. An interesting scroll down, products varied from absolutely 'Kitsch, with a capital K' to inspiring creations like the jewellery of artist Marcela.

  • With 'compliments of the Chef' - Escabeche de Porotos. Yep, we asked for another portion. Graciela's fine culinary mind deducted the ingredients for us and discussed the recipe with the Chef. Something to try once back home in Lima : )

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