Teleféricos - Cablecars- Floating above La Paz and El Alto 

Track: Exploring the Blue, Red and Orange Cable Car lines


Our plan for today: Floating!  Where to start? Oh well, let’s focus on the Dutch coloured ones – the red, white, blue and orange lines.  

It is truly a wonderful new way of sight-seeing the city: Comfortable. Fast. Safe. Easy.
And so enjoyable to talk with the other passengers in your cabin. Or sometimes... outside rush hours... you might catch a cabin just for the two of you.   


​​​Day in key statistics
Note -interesting differences int he statistics between Jurgen and I, while we had exactly the same day...

  • 10.483 steps - by Cissy  and  9.385 steps - by Jurgen

  • 7.88 km -walked by Cissy, 6.6 km walked by Jurgen

  • Out of 10.483 steps of Cissy, 4873 steps were  'at a healthy pace'  according to Samsung Health. I know, that's less than half. On my defence: try walking on 3500 plus meter altitude.

  • Jurgen's I-phone app indicates he climbed 6 floors. Well, the cable car did that for us, but hey, seems that the statics is logged to his credit!

Highlights of the day

  • SUSHI!!! @ New Tokyo in the nice company of Jürgen’s colleagues Paul and Ricardo and their elegant spouses.

  • Finding out that the Orange cable car line is operational - being Dutch, we love Orange! And - we were lucky to have a cable car to ourselves. We reckon that this close to the feeling of a 'self-driving car' in the near future. Could get used to that, as it enables to fully take in the scenery and take photos.

  • Chatting with the other people in the cabin. They are pointing out interesting landmarks to us, as well as a quite macabre one.

Fun Fact

The White Cable Car line is almost ready - on the list for next time. Now we walked it down to the end station, which was close to our hotel. Lovely walk in the drizzling rain. Probably that were the steps registered as being in the 'Healthy Walking Pace' 


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