The beauty of bad weather in La Paz

Track: Hotel Home Office (Cissy) & Work Visit El Alto (Jurgen)


Shaved and suited-up Jurgen went for a working visit to the mayor of El Alto. Cissy stayed at the Hotel Home Office, accompanied by coca tea. To get awake after the breakfast food coma - just too many delicious things on the buffet.

Right. Power up Laptop. Focus. On Work. Focus.

...tick, Tick..., TICK..... tick... tick....  
Cooooooooooooooool! It rains!!!!!
Re-focus; grab the camera! 

I know, maybe we lived too long abroad in cities where rain is a rarity...  Living abroad surely makes you revalue the things from home. That said, what about missing out on our cheese? Well... at Sabor Gaucho they fixed that craving - so found out all about that at the highlight of the day section.

Day in key statistics

  • 2.6 km - walked by Jurgen, probably < 1 km by Cissy (Homey Hotel Day)

  • 2 of each at breakfast: Pancakes with Dulce de Leche (addictive creamy Caramel, a bit like Nutella) and 2 fried eggs

  • 98% - Relax mode on -  the 2% missing- when Cissy was fading away white at the Grocery store. 3641-meter altitude does have it's effects sometimes.

  • 100% Relax mode - for the Panda, it's chilling at the parking, no driving today

  • Uncountable - number of raindrops that felt down today

Highlights of the day

  • ​​Jurgen's work visit with Ricardo to the Mayor of El Alto ... read all about it on the blog...

  • Bad weather!!! Rain, Thunder Lightning and moody skies - beautiful! ... see the photo blog ...

  • We did miss our cheese. Meaning: the Provolone cheese that was the traditional starter each Friday back in 1998. 'Our restaurant has to be here somewhere' - scrutinizing the neighbourhood the conclusion was... some restaurants did not survive the 20-year time span.

    To our delight, we did find the Argentinian restaurant Sabor Gaucho! And, yup, they have our favourite Provolone-Cheese-with-Oregano on the menu. ¡YaY!

    Worth breaking the guideline 'indulge the local cuisine of the country'.  Also no worries, we booked the all Bolivian food dining experience at Gustu restaurant for upcoming Friday. So for lunch, Argentian it is!

Fun Fact
Benchmarking different brands of Apple Juice. The amount of kcal per serving ranges from above 200 to 24...

So, of course, we bought the one of 24 kcal. However, it would make more sense just to eat way less then we are doing. That being said, it is a holiday, and La Paz has upped its game on the culinary territory. Would be a shame not to indulge!

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