The foundation of the Republic of Argentina - History and Art!

Track: sight seeing the historic city center of Tucuman


Historic day - visiting the history of Argentina. Which for Graciela and Jurgen was also a walk on memory lane of their primary school days.

Tucuman is the place where the independent republic of Argentina was founded. We visited the room in 'Casa de la Independencia' were the papers were signed.

How did Jurgen and Graciela feel to see the object of their art classes drawings in reality?

​​​Day in key statistics

  • 8.05 am - The start of the 'Improvement of the hotel'. Crazy amount of noise. Seems like 'improvement' means tearing down the building, inclusive it's guests?!?

  • 8.10 am - a phone call to reception: "The work is not supposed to start before 9.00 am"

  • 8.16 am - Ha! 44 minutes of peace

  • 9.10 am - Breakfast outside of the hotel (dûh!)


Fun Fact

Graciela and Jurgen both remembered how on the primary school they had to draw the 'Casa de la Independencia' (the building where Argentina's independence was signed). So they had to go and see the 'original'. Graciela realized that in her drawings the roof tiles were missing. Jurgen's drawings lacked the different heights.

Nowadays, no need to sit down with a sketchbook. Just take a Selfie to prove you did your homework

Highlights of the day


  • Blue sky! Sunshine!

  • Visiting the 'Casa de la Independencia' - the building where the independence of the Republic of  Argentina was signed in 1816. A smart combination of Art and History class! 

  • Relaxing strolling around in Tucuman

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