Totally Unplugged

Track:  El Chiflón to Las Leñas, Argentina

Confronted with a Lessemsaurus Sauropoides on the road, the Panda got scared.  And speeded up to 255 km an hour to escape from this pre-historic creature.  Or, was that just a hick up in our Garmin soft ware?


On the Garmin's defense - this all happened very early morning, and we did not have had our coffee break yet. Did we continue the day at Max Verstappen speed?


​​​Day in key statistics

  • 255 km - max speed of the day. No Worries- this is not true, we had an hick up in our Garmin that day. we are not abusing La Panda with excessive speeding! Nor taking risks in our safety.

  • 1.000 liter milestone. Yes, la Panda is a thirsty car!

  • 597 km - distance driven

  • 6.22 hours - time in motion

Fun Facts

  • Meeting the 'Lessemsaurus Sauropoides' at early morning. Too bad there are no road signs warning you for crossing dinosaurs!​

Highlights of the day:​​

  • Cruising along the decayed train tracks; decay that has it's own beautiful charm to it

  • Sleeping in the restored abandoned houses of the last railway stop before the Chilean border. Absolute Nothingness - including No Wifi or any internet connection. Lovely afternoon to just stroll around and 'changing train tracks'- it still functions!

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