Preparations - Travel Plans

Track: Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile, Antarctica

Every four years we live in an other country, so the challenge is to thoroughly explore the new country of residence, as well as the neighboring countries. We consulted with the Panda (our car) who was excited about our simple plan: Drive all the way South, then all the way back up North...

Rough estimate - around 17.500 km on the road. With many expected highlights, like our 20th years anniversary in La Paz, chilling in Chile and dream coming true: visit PENGUINS in Antarctica.


Our planned itinerary? 

Let's gooooo


  • By car - starring la Panda
    an estimated 9.076 km and we are in Ushuaia!

  • By boat - the Ortelius
    for an estimated 4.000 km our home will be... at sea

  • By car - La Panda
    'straight' back up North for an estimated 8.434 km

Some of the expected highlights of the the travel:

  • Jurci Time!

  • Waving to the Ilumani in La Paz, Bolivia-  to mark 20th year anniversary of Jurci Travel

  • Hugging our family in Argentina - and Graciela's smile opening up her present

  • Enjoying the beauty of Chile

  • Dream coming true - Antarctica!

  • Returning back home to dear friends, the volunteer work and  Peruvians gastronomic delights

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