White Vulcanos of Puerto Varas

Track: Loncoche to Puerto Varas, Chile

Today we learnt the value of Cruise Control - and the costs of 6 seconds not driving with cruise control.

So on cruising speed, we took in the abundant green of the trees and the sadness of black fields: caused by the forest fires Chile is plagued by. 


Before we saw the snow-capped vulcanos, CIssy to her delight discovered Mega Mars Mellows, ready to be harvested.



Day in key statistics


  • 773 km - distance covered (in our planning, it was indicated as 771 km, so quite accurate!)

  • On average - every 64.5 km there was traffic police control. We counted twelve of  traffic control patrol flex stations.  Eleven of them, we auto-cruised by without any issue

  • The first traffic control of the day = first speeding ticket of the trip.
    A bit unfortunate, as we read the data in our Garmin this evening. In Chile, road rules are strict. So we kept right at allowed speeds. For 30 minutes and 54 seconds, we were within the speed limit.

    However, exactly at the six seconds it took to overtake a wobbly driving car: the moment we got laser gunned by Traffic Police. 

  • The remaining 728 km we drove in cruise control fixed at 118 km/hour. The self-driving car: You are welcome, as driving on cruise control - it's utterly boring and more tiring! 

Fun Fact

  • Cissy saw Mega Mars Mellows in the fields along the highway. Jurgen tell me these are hay bales packed in white plastic for transport. I disagree  - I stick to the story that it are Mega Mars Mellows. And that we Should Pull Over Now to 'harvest' them.

Special highlight edition: the colours of the day

  • Green - Trees, Trees, Trees, grass fields with cows, more Trees, Trees, Trees - Green, Green, Green!!! 

  • Black - Sadly, the south of Chile is frequently the victim of wild forest fires. The damage these do was clearly visible at fire-blackened stretches. On the hopeful side - we did see small plants regrowing, adding a new start of green on the black.

  • Yellow-Goldish - the colour of the endless grain fields we passed

  • Blue - We crossed many bridges with sight on beautiful BLUE! steams and rivers. Not the red-brown mud-dish rivers we have seen before a lot, just blue in a lovely way

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