Vulcano Osorno and Mega Marsmellows

32: Puerto Varas - day trip to Vulcan Osorno


Day in key statistics

  • 133 km: distance covered

  • 2.10 hours: time in motion

  • 1.4649 km/hour: max speed of the day of La Panda. Garmin ** uitval**Xx time to cross border

  • 1 seconde, 1.4 km distance covered. We should patent this!?!

Highlights of the day

  • Bramen, dronen bij Mars Mellow Fields,

  • Boat ride – way back, mars mellows lined up with big Ice Cream (Vucan Tips)

Fun Facts 

Clearly, when you post in the morning about good luch charm, 3 legged Porkie- in at the lunch you win with Yathzee! There must be a connection.
Statistics, started with 1x5,  Y2 = 2, Y3= 4, Y4 = with 6. Score 590! Missed the 40 points of Big Street

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