Walking Dinner very Welcome - after long day in our car seats

Track: Esquel, Argentina to Puerto Guadal, Chile 

Travelling is not only about new experiences, also, it is what one does with those experience.

After a long day in the car, with an unpleasant time-consuming border crossing, we were zombied out. And Hungry. No energy left to drag us down to the restaurant.

To our delight - also in our Jungle Book Tree hut, there was room service. Our food was just marching down at the balcony. Quickly, get the forks because dinner is ready


New perspectives of Gustu tasting menu put to practice - ants are ... read about that in the Gustu blog...

Day in key statistics

  • 724 km:  distance covered

  • 7.32 hours:  time in motion

  • 6.02 am: departure time 

  • 17.53 pm: arrival time

  • Lowest temperature 9 degrees Celsius, highest temperature 24,6 degrees Celsius

Highlights of the day

  • First time this trip: we saw a FOX! crossing the road we were on. Fast animal, with a cheerful waving fluffy tail. Or was that waving caused by the speed of the Austral wind?  

  • The time-consuming border crossing was quickly made up for: the sights on the lakes were absolutely stunning, and we were treated on a nice challenging gravel road. That needed the full attention of driver Cissy. 

  • No need to prepare dinner, nor leave our Jungle Book tree hut: Dinner came Marching by!  Tierra Luna might have run out of stock for the ingredient 'Ants', but hey, we were hungry!

Grumpy Facts - From A to C via B

Based on our Garmin logging, as stated in the Key Statistics of the day, we spend in total 11 hours and 51 minutes to get from A (Argentina) to C (Chile). Total moving time recorded - 7 hours and 32 minutes.

So what happened in the other 4 hours and 19 minutes?
Apart from some short breaks (gas station, sanitary stops and a 10 minute Drone flight), equaling together a max of 40 minutes...  

Via 'B' = it is a Border Crossing day. A default border crossing takes about an hour to two hours tops. This time, the Argentinean side was fast. However, the Chilean side was a hassle. Without going into details, let's say not every border is used to travellers with Dutch diplomatic passports in a car with Peruvian diplomat license plates... So in total, we noted down a sad record of 3 hours and 10 minutes to cross the Chilean side of the border. 

In general, we do get the idea of the paperwork needed to cross a border. What if.... OH! It exists: Travelers in Europe - Count Your Blessings!!!!


Not to keep hanging in border grumpiness - once we crossed the border, we were treated to the most amazing lake landscape views and a nice challenging gravel road!

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