White Volcanos of Puerto Varas

Track: Loncoche to Puerto Varas, Chile

Puerto Varas is such a lovely town, with breathtaking views of the lake and the volcano from the hotel room. It was a nice Lazy Sunday with a twist. New information acquired meant:  on to Google Earth to re-plan a major part of our trip.

Meanwhile, thinking out of the box: photography gear can help out as an essential part to get laundry done. How? Well....

Day in Key Statistics

  • 262 km - distance covered

  • 98 km/h average speed in 2.40 hours motion time

  • One crucial Tourist Office visit - meaning we spend the evening re-planning the upcoming week of our trip.
    Due to a tragic mud-slide at the village of Santa Lucia mid-December 2017, that part of the road is still blocked.
    The alternative is a ferry, for which the waiting list is several days. Alfajores (our favourite Argentinean cookie) here we come!! We need to re-route through Argentina.

Fun Fact  - Good to Know...

  • The volcano Osorno has a height of 2661 km above sea level. Wiki says the last eruption was in the year 1869, so we can sleep without any worry!

Highlights of the day

  • The hotel room has the most perfect view of the vulcanos - waking up, we will see the famous volcano Osorno. Wow!

  • Sleeping in, with a nice morning walk in village Loncoche - where on Sunday morning apart from some dogs, everyone seemed to still be sleeping. Lovely laid-back atmosphere!

  • Travelling means pilling up laundry to be done. The tripods came in quite handy!

  • Gourmet dinner a la Cissy a La Cama: Lays Classic, Taco Chips in Xmas green and red colours, dip from a glass jar bought in Bolivia: Cheddar-Jalapeno. It was So Chemical, we needed to throw it away with the label ‘Toxic Waste’. It was seriously uneatable. Long Fingers Biscuits as dessert. Note to self: maybe tomorrow go out for a proper dinner.

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